What is a Marketing Funnel and How it works.

A marketing funnel is a visualization for understanding the process of converting leads into customers from a marketing (and sales) perspective. The idea is that marketers, like a funnel, cast a wide net to get as many leads as possible, slowly guiding prospects to purchasing decisions, and narrowing down those candidates at each stage of the funnel.

Interest: Once a lead is generated, it will progress to the Interest stage to learn more about the company, products, and useful information and research offered. This is an opportunity for brands to connect and position themselves with people in their lead database.

Consideration: During the Consideration phase, a lead is converted to a marketing lead and considered a lead. Marketers can nurture prospects with targeted content, case studies, free trials, and more while sending prospects more information about products and offers via automated email campaigns.


Intent: To advance to the Intent stage, a prospect must demonstrate an interest in purchasing a branded product. This can occur during research, after a product demo, or when a product is added to a shopping cart on an e-commerce site.

Evaluation: During the evaluation phase, the purchaser makes the final decision as to whether or not to purchase the brand’s product or service. Marketing and sales typically work closely together to support the decision-making process and convince buyers that a brand’s product is the best choice.

Purchase: You are here! This is the final stage of the marketing funnel where prospects make purchase decisions and become customers. Here, the sales department is responsible for the purchasing process.