Why are the Correct Hashtags important to use

Instagram hashtags are a way to label and categorize your content. Second, it helps Instagram deliver posts to relevant users.
At its most basic, hashtags will bring up search results on Instagram’s Explore page, making video captions and topics searchable as well.
Despite these big advances, however, hashtags still work on Instagram. Combined with a strong content strategy, it can produce impressive results.

Instagram recently allows up to 30 per post, but creators recommend using 3-5 hashtags in their posts.
This goes against everything you’ve heard about how hashtags work on Instagram, but it makes (somewhat) sense given the focus on keywords and SEO.
Before choosing a hashtag for your post, it’s a good idea to consider the different types of hashtags you can include.

This ensures that your hashtag strategy covers all bases.
Using the “right” hashtag can get your audience leading, even if they’ve never connected with you.
This can lead to more engagement, followers, and customers for your brand or business.

But that’s not all. Hashtags have many uses beyond improving discoverability. It can be used for community building, user-generated content (UGC) sourcing, campaign execution, audience research, and more.