5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Writing a Blog

Here are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Writing a Blog.


1. Who’s the target of this post?
It’s tempting to mention “everyone,” however be precise. Is it CIOs of tending organizations…or CIOs of mid-sized tending organizations among a 50-mile radius considering finance in virtual servers among consequent a pair of years reckoning on the subject, your target might not be constant for each post.



2. What’s the goal of the post?
If you are attempting to coach your audience regarding however your product works? Introduce a replacement line? Reveal recent survey findings that demonstrate why your kind of approach works best?

3. What’s the topic you wish to cover?
It’s vital to be as specific as possible—it can facilitate keeping your writing targeted. “Homeowner’s Insurance” isn’t a decent topic, however, “Why adding insurance to your homeowner’s policy is critical” is.


4. Which of your merchandise or services area units are you promoting within the post? Your targets area unit logging on to seek out answers. Feature your company’s product in each post because they are thanks to solving a challenge they face. within the case of, say, a house or CPA firm, blogs ought to showcase the firm’s specific expertise—knowledge and skill area unit solutions, too.

5. How much information will your target have regarding this topic? Certify your language isn’t below or higher than the target’s level of understanding of the subject or you’ll flip them away.