Be YouNick

Nikunj Lotia popularly referred to as ‘Be YouNick’ on his YouTube channel could be a leading temperament within the comedy sphere. Originally from Dombivili, a geographic region, Nikunj did many jobs like performing at a center, bartending, and weddings going to create ends meet. Once the web boom happened in 2015, Nikunj took to the digital arena and rose to fame.

Once the web boom happened in 2015 Nikunj took to the digital arena and rose to fame. Soon his videos began to get recognition and his subscribers grew in proportion to his quality. a number of his common segments area unit, ‘When you reside in Dombivli,’ ‘First Date,’ ‘Men are Men,’ ‘If Pablo Escobar was Indian’ and ‘Job interview gone wrong, that includes movie industry actor Rajkummar Rao.
Nikunj reposted from Instagram of Official Humans of metropolmetropolis oh his profile.

“I was two once we rapt from our house in Colaba to a way smaller place, in Dombivli. My dad’s business fell apart & we tend to have to regulate to a replacement life with compromises. we tend to have no financial gain & lived on our savings, however, it wasn’t enough; we tend to couldn’t afford my college fees. I keep in mind being asked to depart college before all my classmates–I was thus embarrassed. to create certain I may study, mum began creating Theplas & my brother delivered them. I used to be too young to assist. ⁣

So, after the 12th, I took a loan to review edifice Management & began bartending on the face. For ₹own 350, I served drinks until the wee hours. I even visited Goa for a year & worked gigs 24/7 to create our ends meet. ⁣
But my folks wished Maine home. So, I came back & took up employment at a center. I hated it, however, I stuck around for three years as a result of it paid well. However once a lover told Maine concerning how he created cash off YouTube, I used to be excited. I used to be the category clown at school thus I gave it a shot–I was invariably attempting to create an additional an additional
I started a Youtube channel, ‘Not thus funny’– however it had been specifically as its name. nobody saw my videos & colleagues created fun of Maine. Still, I pursued it as a result of it created Maine happy & when I got my bonus, I quit my job & swore to  work for somebody once more. ⁣


That night I got drunk & created a replacement channel ‘Be YouNick’, placed up a video concerning how guys create a fool of themselves to impress girls and dozed off. I awakened to 1500+ views!⁣

I was thus actuated that I created forty videos that year! folks recognized Maine as ‘that guy on Youtube’. I even worked bartending gigs to herald cash however I ne’er stopped creating–it was funny as a result of some customers even asking for selfies whereas I served drinks! My folks were collateral too–they told Maine to follow my dreams & since then, I’ve ne’er looked back. ⁣

Now I’m living my dream–I’m a full-time content creator United Nations agency will finally afford life on its terms! however, what extremely makes me happy is giving my family everything they merit. Honestly, I’m here owing to the hustle, & that’s the most effective recommendation I will give– ” keep hustling; the Universe loves a stubborn heart!”
His story is exalting and Bharat admires folks like him.