Blessed to have Ratan Tata Sir as my Mentor

‘Blessed to have Ratan Tata Sir as my Mentor’
Young businessman Arjun Deshpande.
A young businessman Arjun Deshpande recently took to social media to specific however grateful he’s to have Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, as his mentor.
Deshpande is a Young businessman of the year 2020, based on the pharmaceutical company Generic Aadhaar and has bagged investment from the legendary Tata. Sharing his excitement over identical, he announces an image with Tata on LinkedIn.
“In each meet, there are new learnings and motivation on behalf of me and that I am blessed to have Ratan Tata Sir as my Mentor,” Deshpande wrote.
He any further however lucky he’s to own Tata’s steerage and inspiration for “creating impactful downside finding ventures which will amendment lives of millions for betterment.”


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“This could be a golden decade for Indian Startup scheme, therefore, determine a burning downside for shoppers and build-out of the box ideas and execute them,” the businessman further.

About Deshpande’s startup
Generic Aadhaar aims at giving cheap and quality medicines to every Indian, by aggregating the medical stores below one umbrella.

Deshpande’s company gets medicines directly from GMP-approved facilities, creating them approachable to everybody at Generic Aadhaar aggregated stores.
Through generic Aadhaar, folks will get medicines at costs as low as nearly eighty percent compared to the market.