The Round To Hell Story

Round to Hell wiki is presently a preferred name on YouTube and social media. Round to Hell is created off of these 3 artists Zayan Saifi, Nazim Ahmad & Wasim Ahmad.
These 3 actors build a Comedy Wines video on the YouTube channel named “Round2Hell”, which is quite funny and tempt the viewer, therefore let’s fathom Round2Hell.

These guys build Comedy Wines video that is sort of funny and entices the viewer.
They told in AN interview that they sleep throughout the day and that they play PUBG at night. They are likewise progressing to build a video with Harsh Beniwal Wiki in 2020. They told in AN interview that they’re likewise considering performing on Amazon Prime and Netflix.
Zayn was a university dropout from Zakir Hussain school whereas Wasim and Nazim were twelfth passed from Alam school and fashionable Public college severally.
Timepass was the sole factor in their life then; however what regarding the daily bread? therefore they determined to begin a YouTube channel to realize some quality. They created some soccer tutorial videos however they did not gain fame and name. Then they tried to create comedy videos and other people started taking with it.

The name “Round2Hell” doesn’t have any meaning. however, it’s an incredible story behind it. The day before making a channel, Zayn went for an automobile drifting. He did some alarming round drifts and with the assistance of a fan-created video of them and announce them on Instagram. Later, whereas look the videos, suddenly an inspiration popped in his mind, “what would have happened if I lose the management throughout the round drifts?”
He answered himself speech, “Dude, if I lost the management, then, sure enough, I might lose my arm or leg turning my life into hell. therefore he thought that the round drift wasn’t adrift, really that round was for hell. therefore he named the Instagram video “Round2Hell” and the next day while making a channel, he gave the same name to the YouTube channel. Thus, Round2Hell came into existence.

The families of the 3 friends weren’t substantiating at first, however, because the channel started gaining quality and subscribers, the members of the family are happy. once no one backed these 3, a pricey friend “Alam Saifi” stood behind and inspired them.

Yash Anand Smashing Big Hits On Social Media

Youtuber Yash Anand

Yash Anand is a famous social media influencer and a Bodybuilder. He’s extremely talented and is well famous for his incredible body.Yash Anand has his own YouTube channel where he has gained so much followers and Yash gives health and fitness tips on his Social Media handles.

He got viral after uploading his natural body transformation video, Which has more than 4 Million+ Views.

Yash Anand Fitness Influencer

Yash Anand was born on 18 August 1993, He Hails from Gwalior , Madhyapradesh ,India.

Yash Anand is a also very famous motivator, fitness freak social media personality. He is very talented and is known for his amazing fit body. Now with his experiences, he guides people to transform their physic and motivate them through his youtube channels. Yash has his own self-titled youtube channel where he has gained Around 2Million subscribers and motivates hard gainers not to quit and guides them. Along with his YouTube channel he has also earned more than 255k followers on his Instagram account.
He earned lots of Fame in very young age ,Monster Media Team wishes him more Sucess in his life.

Meghana Yadav Social Media Sensation.

Meghana Yadav

Meghana Yadav is a Really popular Indian YouTuber and Social media influencer. She is associate director at very famous YouTuber, Harsh Beniwal’s channel.
Meghana Yadav was Born on 7 April,1999.She Hails From Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh , India.

She loves Dancing ,She post her Dancing Reels & videos on Her Social Media Handles. Meghana Has Accumulated More Than 155k+ Followers on her Instagram Handle. Meghana made her acting debut on YouTube throughout the Nayi Padosan movie which was published on 13th August 2018. Along with Harsh Beniwal she’s also worked with other content creators on YouTube and has since obtained an enormous fan following.

Team Harsh Beniwal

She Always says she will keep Entertaining her fans.Meghana Yadav Believe in hard work ,She Beliefs that Be good & Do good & then good will come back to you. She is very talented & Known for her acting skills & Dance videos .She Earned Lots of name & Fame in very young age.Monster Media Team wishes her more Sucess in her life.

Chirayu Raut One Of India’s Youngest Gaming Youtuber.

Chirayu Raut

Chirayu is the biggest & Youngest youtuber of free fire Gaming . Multiple creators take to social media to highlight their passion and creativity. However, there are so many people who are gamers and love to post gaming content online & Chirayu is one of them . These days, many YouTubers are creating interesting gaming content on their dedicated channels and tbh, their videos are insane! One such talented creator is Chirayu Raut Founder of Cr Gaming  , He is one of India’s youngest YouTube gamers and his content is so unique & Entertaining. His videos have managed to catch our eye and we were blown away. Here’s everything you need to know about this talented gamer and content creator.we are talking about one of them whose name is Chirayu Raut on Youtube as CR Gaming. He was born in Mumbai, India on 26th May 2003. Chirayu Raut not only earning money he also gives opportunity to today’s youth for earning money by doing giveaways & arranging tournaments.

He is one of the Most Famous Youtubers with over 3 Lakh Subscribers. He is very motivated & concentrated towards his channel CR Gaming & gaming industry. His gaming skills automatically attracts peoples & youth who are interested in gaming platform. He proved it that if dreams are big & you are concentrated towards no one can stop you from reaching your goal. He achieved a big success in a very less age. Chirayu is a motivation for today’s generation gaming youth. In this lockdown period don’t only watch his videos you can also participate in his giveaways and earn real money. Watching good skilled gameplays can also increase your skills in gaming & gives you opportunity in this gaming industry.

 Chirayu earned a lot of fame & name in gaming industry just at a very less age just by his skills & shocking gameplay.