How Sampriti Yadav Cracked Google

Each day, many folks get interviewed for numerous forms of jobs. whereas some build it within the initial tries, many take time to crack this. Persistence remains the key to skilled growth. Despite what percentage of times you falter, or fail, systematically following your goals will reap rewards within the long term.

If you dream huge, it’s vital to emerge unhurt by the rejection e-mails, unsuccessful interviews, peer pressure, and different constant discouragements. At the identical time, these are tons of opportunities for you to be told and do higher next time.

Sampriti Yadav

If you doubt this, simply raise Sampriti Yadav. The 24-year-old computer programmer bagged a Rs 1.10-crore job with Google. However, the journey to her dream job was an extended and difficult one.

“I used to feel nervous during interviews. However, my support system — parents and close friends — consistently encouraged me to do better. I spent hours studying the big companies. Most interviews with large companies are like discussions. Practice and more practice helped me combat nervousness and take on interviews confidently,” says Yadav, who appeared for nearly 50 interviews at various places before landing the job at Google.