Musk to Roll out Revamped Twitter once firing half the 7500 workforce.

Elon Musk finally completed his $44 billion Twitter takeover deal, firing the company’s business executive and monetary chief and ending a prolonged tug-of-war with its board of administrators simply before a key point, in step with a supply about to things.
Musk took the troubled social network personnel late, exuding chief executive officer Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned George Segal, in step with the supply, WHO spoke on condition of namelessness.
Bloomberg News reported early Fri that Musk plans to require over as Twitter’s business executive — a minimum of an interim basis.

Musk laid-off business executive Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned George Segal, General Counsel Sean Edgett, and Head of Legal Policy, Trust and Safety Vijaya Gadde.
Musk was reported to mention that he desires to chop seventy-five % of Twitter’s employees, although he then backtracked that statement — still, gutting four execs on a Th night isn’t consoling to the remaining Twitter staff. Even Twitter co-founder game Stone addressed the shake-up.
“The bird is freed,” wrote Elon Musk on Twitter on October twenty-eight, once it became official that he had all the control over the company. simply a couple of hours once this post, many Twitter staff, together with the business executive, were discharged.
A certain section of Twitter celebrated these announcements, which they claimed marked the comeback of “freedom of expression” to the social media network. a number of these accounts even shared a video that they claimed showed Musk firing Vijaya Gedde, WHO they same were accountable for censorship on Twitter.