No Walls, No Exams: Prepares youngsters for ‘Real World’.

Does the college program prepare students for real-world problems? Troubled by the defect within the education system, this couple from Maharashtra ventured into a novel method of impartation education.
Located within the lush inexperienced forests of Dhampur Maharashtra, this faculty might be each child’s dream. The University of Life, or Syamantak, is the inspiration of Sachin Desai and his adult female.
Fueled by the would like to create children capable of making employment within the village, the couple arranged the inspiration of the college in 2007. Their girl, Mrunalinee, became their 1st student. Today, she is ball-hawking within the skills of agriculture, setting, and heritage, furthermore as room, natural coloring, and property design.

They with pride say that their faculty has no walls, no categories or exams. The unconventional faculty has no fastened program and exams; even as there’s no set pattern to life, the college aims to create its students prepared for any challenge life throws their method.
Some students analyze within the food labs, whereas others experiment with cow-related merchandise in a gaushala (cow shelter).
The school additionally has an entrepreneurial venture known as Swayam, wherever students create natural and preservative-free merchandise like wood apple sweetener, raw jackfruit pickle, turmeric powder, and soap created out of natural ingredients.