Wazirx Launches its Own Blockchain ! Shardeum

According to its website, Shardeum seeks to be a chain qualified for onboarding over a billion individuals to the blockchain and crypto revolution. Shardeum, like the Internet, will be available, collaborative, and community is driven would democratize accessibility to decentralization.

In a few years, crypto will grow to over 1 billion people, we want to provide a scalable, affordable, and decentralized solution, said WazirX CEO, Nischal Shetty.


Shardeum, an EVM-compatible sharded blockchain, will be the infrastructure on which the following iteration of the internet which is Web3 will be built.


The guiding principles of Shardeum will be based on OCC (Open, Collaborative and Community-driven). Nischal further said every information that will be shared with the team will be out in the open for public accessibility.