Ship burnt with expensive cars worth $155 Million

Ship burnt with expensive cars worth $155 Million

Porsches, Lamborghinis Lost confused might value VW $155 Million.
The ship carrying regarding 4,000 Volkswagen silver vehicles that caught hearth last week might value the manufacturer a minimum of $155 million, in step with a risk-modeling company’s estimate.


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Of the roughly $438 million total prices of products aboard the Felicity Ace, that went up in flames off the coast of Portugal’s Acores Islands, Russell cluster aforesaid Monday it estimates there square measure $401 million value of cars.

VW cluster had Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini models on the vessel. A VW representative declined to inquire into the case Monday. 2 giant tugs with firefighting instrumentality were expected to arrive Monday morning standard time to begin spraying water alongside AN initial salvage team that was on board all ready to cool down down the ship, in step with a unit of Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd.


Russell cluster is modeling the entire price of vehicles on board, thus its value projections assume all vehicles are lost, in step with a spokesperson. The corporate estimates motor vehicle makers apart from VW might have lost regarding $246 million value of vehicles. A spokesperson for BMW silver aforesaid none of the company’s vehicles squares measure on board, whereas a Mercedes-Benz silver spokesperson aforesaid the manufacturer isn’t awake to any of its vehicles being on the ship.