Startup raises Rs 17 Cr with a device which cooks quicker

The year was 1998.
Sanandan (Sandy) Sudhir had landed his initial job at GE care in Bengaluru as a designer. A bachelor at that point, he was living in a single-room flat and immersed himself in work. however he most popular home-cooked food, thus he bought a microwave to create some fast meals for himself.
“As I had long operating days, I believed preparation during a microwave would save American state time and house. I didn’t need to line up a whole room. I attempted victimization the kitchen appliance to cook for around six months, however, it was long,” tells Sanandan to the higher Asian country.
Realizing that this wasn’t property in the long haul, the designer was forced to line up a tiny low room. However, he wasn’t proud of the standard of the food once he used the stove.

“I felt that the standard of the food deteriorated once medium on the stove. The vegetables got overcooked, and there was a requirement to feature water to cook them. so that they lost volume too. however a microwave preserved the color, texture, volume, and most significantly, the nutrients of vegetables,” says the designer.
He then started searching for a product that combined the uses of each microwave and stove/induction. “To my surprise, there was no such product. I even checked out patents across the globe, however, was unable to search out something,” says Sananadan.
This discovery of semiconductor diode him to pioneer ‘On2Cook’, which 51-year-old Sanandan says combines flames, induction, and microwaves.
He says, “On2Cook works on the combination-cooking technology with induction or flame working on the food from outside and microwaves from within. the merchandise will save seventy percent time and fifty percent energy. The medium food retains soluble nutrients whereas protective color, texture, and consistency. when being granted patents across India, US and UK, our invention stands to make a brand new product class within the rooming house.”