Story of Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja (born: 1986 (1986-07-09) [age 35]), higher celebrated online as Flying Beast, is a YouTuber and vlogger who uploads travel vlogs from varied places in India.

The real reason why their channel ‘Flying Beast’ has over three.5 million subscribers and is admired by such an oversized fanbase is that their content is therefore real and authentic. They forever tend to post candid content and it is often therefore relatable and distinctive.

Gaurav Taneja was born in 1986 in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. His age is thirty-four in 2020. He has completed his schooling at the school of Kanpur. Currently, Lives in an urban center together with his family. If I say Taneja’s loved one, his old sisters live in Kanpur, his sister got married she lives in North American nation.

Gaurav Taneja and his partner Ritu rathee got married in 2016 she was conjointly a Captain of flight A320. Each area unit endowed a female offspring on eighteen Gregorian calendar month 2018 and her name is Kaira however she is legendary by her name ‘Rashbhari’.

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After finishing his twelve normal, Gaurav needed to become a pilot however thanks to lack of economic condition, he was born this arrange. then he started getting ready for IIT-JEE To become an associate degree engineer. A lot of individuals don’t recognize that Gaurav Taneja was graduated from IIT Kharagpur as an applied scientist (2004-2008).In his last year, he set to try to do one thing else.


After finishing his Engineering he switched to a different interest that’s a pilot. Gaurav needed to become a pilot once more in 2008 and asked his father to check for pilot coaching, however, his father needed him to try to master from the USA. He joined the Aviation Academy in North American nation and became a Flight pedagogue in North TX Flight Academy In 2014 he became a captain of the A320 craft of Indigo Airlines. In 2018 he begin operating in AirAsia Bharat.

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Related Controversy

One amongst AirAsia India’s former pilots — runs a YouTube channel referred to as Flying Beast — alleged violations of safety norms by the affordable airline. … Taneja alleged within the video that the airline has asked its pilots to try to ninety-eight of landings in “Flap 3” mode, that permits it to avoid wasting fuel.

We had issued a show-cause notice to 2 AirAsia Bharat executives — Head of Operations Manish Uppal and Head of Flight Safety Mukesh Nema — in Gregorian calendar month solely. it’s been set currently to suspend them for an amount of 3 months,” the board General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official same.
Captain Gaurav Taneja, a preferred Youtuber, tweeted on the day that he has been suspended by AirAsia Bharat “for standing up for safe operations of associate degree craft and its passengers”. On June 15, he announce a close video on YouTube titled “Reasons behind suspension from my pilot job”.
Mr. Taneja alleged within the video that the airline has asked its pilots to try to ninety-eight of landings in “Flap 3” mode, which permits it to avoid wasting fuel. The same if a pilot doesn’t do ninety-eight of landings in “Flap 3” mode, the airline considers it a violation of its normal procedure (SOP).
Flaps area unit a part of wings of associate degree craft and that they area unit engaged to make a haul throughout a landing or a take-off.