Yash Anand Smashing Big Hits On Social Media

Youtuber Yash Anand

Yash Anand is a famous social media influencer and a Bodybuilder. He’s extremely talented and is well famous for his incredible body.Yash Anand has his own YouTube channel where he has gained so much followers and Yash gives health and fitness tips on his Social Media handles.

He got viral after uploading his natural body transformation video, Which has more than 4 Million+ Views.

Yash Anand Fitness Influencer

Yash Anand was born on 18 August 1993, He Hails from Gwalior , Madhyapradesh ,India.

Yash Anand is a also very famous motivator, fitness freak social media personality. He is very talented and is known for his amazing fit body. Now with his experiences, he guides people to transform their physic and motivate them through his youtube channels. Yash has his own self-titled youtube channel where he has gained Around 2Million subscribers and motivates hard gainers not to quit and guides them. Along with his YouTube channel he has also earned more than 255k followers on his Instagram account.
He earned lots of Fame in very young age ,Monster Media Team wishes him more Sucess in his life.