Who is Harsh Sharma?


Harsh Sharma is a renowned Social Media Influencer & Strategist who has built his career from scratch. Hailing From Sonipat, Haryana, India.This young guy has managed to achieve milestones from a very young age. Running successful Campaigns during the initial years of his career helped him to become a person with tenacity.

harsh sharma
Harsh Sharma

In today’s competitive era, marketing is one of the most fundamental skills required to achieve success. Currently, he is leading the Indian market with his correct plan of action.

The eminent digital Strategist & Influencer of India, Harsh Sharma is also the Founder of MonsterMediain. His Instagram Handle username is Thethoughtlessmonster. With time, he has managed to build a strong team that works tirelessly to help people elevate their businesses over time.

When he was asked about his work, he said, “ Everything falls into place when you team up with the people who are best at what they do.” Adding on this, Harsh Sharma also admitted that, one has to always come up with innovative ideas to be at the top.

Be it Social media strategies and influencing, Harsh Sharma is leading the charts making him one of the best Social Media Strategist & Influencer we have.

At a young age, he has set an example for the youth by turning his dreams into reality. No matter how challenging the situation became, He kept thriving to achieve what he desires. He comes with its own set of challenges but Harsh’s dedication keeps him going. Even after being at the heights of success, Harsh Sharma is still working hard to level up his game. He is proud to lead a team of experts and helping people in their professional & business growth.

Harsh Sharma’s journey and achievements have inspired many people including the youth of India.