Why is Google Ads Important for Business.

If your company’s landing page or product rank ad appears as the first, second, or third search result on Google, it’s most likely a Google Ads campaign rather than just an SEO result. Through Google Ads, businesses pay to display ads to customers searching for relevant terms on Google Search and Google Maps. Once your company establishes monthly advertising campaigns, you can set ad spend limits that Google will follow, and choose global or local audiences.

Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are exactly what they say. Google Search campaigns allow marketers and brands to deliver text ads that are placed on Google and shown to people searching for specific items or products. When creating search campaigns, brands and marketers create text ads based on what they want users to search for.

Display Campaigns

Display Network leverages Google’s many website partners to deliver ads to various websites across the web. Advertisements for your business can appear on a third-party website, at the top of your web page, in the sidebar, or as a pre-roll before your YouTube video. Google also provides functionality for advertisements displayed in Gmail, its email platform, and various mobile apps.

App campaigns

Like video ads, app ads are part of the Display Network but can be used for targeted campaigns. In these cases, the app generates text and assets to serve ads. The algorithm tests different combinations of these and uses the best-performing ones more often. App campaigns greatly streamline the advertising process, making it easy to promote your app on Google’s biggest sites, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network.