Top 3 Indian Start-Ups that Entered into Unicorn Phase 2021

India is a developing country which gives startup chance to grow at a fast. Here are Top 3 Indian Start-Ups that Entered into Unicorn Phase 2021.


What is a Unicorn?

In enterprise, a unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. The word was first popularised in 2013 by venture capitalist Alleen Lee selecting the mythical animal to describe the rarity of successful startups.


Meesho functions as an online reselling platform that enables anyone to start a business without investment. Meesho is a business platform trusted by more than 2.6 million resellers across India. The company was established in 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwa and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.


The business claims to have reported 100K registered suppliers to around 26K postal codes across 4,800 cities, generating over INR 500 Cr ($68 Mn at current conversion rate) in income for individual entrepreneurs. It has raised $415 Mn funding to date, from investors like SoftBank, Prosus Ventures, Facebook, Shunwei Capital, Venture Highway, and Knollwood Investment.


PharmEasy offers 1 lakh+ medicine and health products across various categories through its retail partners which are spread across the country. You can simply place an order on our website/app and we will deliver your online medicine order in as low as 4 hours, with guaranteed delivery to you in 24-48* hrs!


PharmEasy was founded in 2015 by Dharmil Sheth and Dr. Dhaval Shah. The company raised $323 Mn in a Series E funding round, at a valuation of $1.5 Bn. Notably, it is the first Indian epharmacy unicorn.


CRED is a members-only club that rewards individuals for their timely credit card bill payments by providing them with exclusive offers and access to premium experiences. It is a platform that allows credit card users to manage multiple cards along with an analysis of their credit score.


With only INR 57 Lakh ($76K, at current conversion rate) as operating revenue in the financial year 2020, Kunal Shah-led fintech platform CRED entered the unicorn club at a whopping valuation of $2.2 Bn.


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What happens to our Instagram Account when we die

We are living in the age of social media, 2 percent of the population in the United States had a social networking profile, representing a two percent increase from the 80 percent usage reached in the previous year.

Data analysis shows that there are 4.55 billion social media users around the world in October 2021, equating to 57.6 percent of the total global population.

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your social media accounts after you die?


Account of a deceased person can be reported by a family member or a request can be dropped to remove the account.

There is an option to memorialize the Instagram account, which means that it will not get deleted and will be preserved forever. This is a great feature as there might be people who wish to visit a deceased person’s social media account, which might offer them some relief.

Once an account is tagged as memorialized Instagram will not allow anyone to login into the account. This will restrict anyone to make any changes in the post of the account and privacy settings.

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The Round To Hell Story

Round to Hell wiki is presently a preferred name on YouTube and social media. Round to Hell is created off of these 3 artists Zayan Saifi, Nazim Ahmad & Wasim Ahmad.
These 3 actors build a Comedy Wines video on the YouTube channel named “Round2Hell”, which is quite funny and tempt the viewer, therefore let’s fathom Round2Hell.

These guys build Comedy Wines video that is sort of funny and entices the viewer.
They told in AN interview that they sleep throughout the day and that they play PUBG at night. They are likewise progressing to build a video with Harsh Beniwal Wiki in 2020. They told in AN interview that they’re likewise considering performing on Amazon Prime and Netflix.
Zayn was a university dropout from Zakir Hussain school whereas Wasim and Nazim were twelfth passed from Alam school and fashionable Public college severally.
Timepass was the sole factor in their life then; however what regarding the daily bread? therefore they determined to begin a YouTube channel to realize some quality. They created some soccer tutorial videos however they did not gain fame and name. Then they tried to create comedy videos and other people started taking with it.

The name “Round2Hell” doesn’t have any meaning. however, it’s an incredible story behind it. The day before making a channel, Zayn went for an automobile drifting. He did some alarming round drifts and with the assistance of a fan-created video of them and announce them on Instagram. Later, whereas look the videos, suddenly an inspiration popped in his mind, “what would have happened if I lose the management throughout the round drifts?”
He answered himself speech, “Dude, if I lost the management, then, sure enough, I might lose my arm or leg turning my life into hell. therefore he thought that the round drift wasn’t adrift, really that round was for hell. therefore he named the Instagram video “Round2Hell” and the next day while making a channel, he gave the same name to the YouTube channel. Thus, Round2Hell came into existence.

The families of the 3 friends weren’t substantiating at first, however, because the channel started gaining quality and subscribers, the members of the family are happy. once no one backed these 3, a pricey friend “Alam Saifi” stood behind and inspired them.

Pardeep Khera Youtuber, Actor, Online Content Creator

Pardeep Khera was born on 4th April 1985 (37 Years old in 2022) in Sonipat, Haryana, IndiaPardeep did his Schoolings and Graduation from a local school and college in Sonipat, Haryana, India.

Pardeep Khera

Pardeep Khera was always interested in pursuing Acting and used to entertain his friends through Acting and Comedy at his school and college times. In 2004, he used to make short films, but due to some reason, he stopped that.

In 2017 he again thought of pursuing his old dream which he always wanted and made a Youtube channel named “Pardeep Khera”

Pardeep Khera

Indian filmmaker and online content creator who gained attention thanks to his self-titled YouTube channel. He’s best known for his comedic shorts and series such as Desi Love Story which he shares with 700,000 subscribers.

Pardeep Khera

According to our analysis based on Forbes, IMDb, Wikipedia & online resources, Pardeep Khera’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.


Team Monster Media congratulates him on what he has achieved and wishes him for all the upcoming success in his life.

Rhea Chakraborty Say’s, ‘Miss You So Much’

Rhea Chakraborty shared a video of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput on Instagram on the occasion of his 36th birthday. In which both Sushant and Rhea were goofing in the gym.

Remembering her late boyfriend, she wrote “Miss you so much” and dropped a red heart. With Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You were here’ playing in the background.

She also posted a picture in her Instagram stories with her and Sushant with a red heart emoji as a caption.

She paid a rich tribute to her boyfriend late actor Sushant Singh Rajput on his birthday. Meanwhile, his friends and family also remembered him and flooded social media with heartfelt posts and comments.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency That Will Make You Rich In 2022

There are about 6,000 cryptocurrency existing in the market here are top 3 cryptocurrency that can make you rich in the coming year.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. Which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.


It is no supersize that bitcoin still is the most popular cryptocurrency, and it is the most widely used for transactions and has the most secure form and untraceable transactions. Which makes it the most favorite for crypto investors. Besides all of it has a market cap of $790.84 billion which makes it difficult to get its price manipulated via a pump and dump and by other cheap tricks. It has restricted supply and increased demand.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency

If Bitcoin were a If Bitcoin were a company, it would be bigger than Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) and Tesla. Bitcoin is even viewed by some investors as a good hedge against inflation since there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin tokens in circulation.  


It has a market cap of US$500 Billion less than half the size of bitcoin. Many believe that this is the next bitcoin. It is the base of many new currencies. Even NFTs work on Ethereum, the applications on Ethereum are run on ether, its platform-specific cryptographic token. 

Top 3 Cryptocurrency

In future it is not sure that it can over take Bitcoin, but for the time being Ethereum appears to be in a good position to stand the test of time.

Binance Coin

Binance coin is the coin for the world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance. It is the third most popular crypto. It has a market cap of about US$96 Billion. Binance was created as a utility token for discounted trading fees in 2017, but its uses have expanded to numerous applications, including payments for transaction fees (on the Binance Chain), travel bookings, entertainment, online services, and financial services.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency
Binance Coin

Each quarter Binance burs supplies of its digital coins according to their trading volume. Over time it is believed that these quarterly burns will eliminate about 100 Million coins. Which will intend to increase the value of these coins.

Market Cap – Market cap is calculated by multiplying the total number of coins that have been mined by the price of a single coin at any given time.

Coin Burning – Coin burning is a common mechanism through which coin creators control the supply of tokens in circulation.

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